Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation

Founded in 2000, by Bradford N. Swett, the Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation is located in Jamestown,
RI. CISF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to both provide and promote
marine access, marine education, and sailing to people of all ages, abilities, and
backgrounds. In doing so, CISF hopes to develop the next generation of ocean and environmental
stewards, as well as bring more people into the sport of sailing.

Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp

CISF runs a sailing and marine education summer camp called Jamestown Sea Adventure
Camp based out of Fort Getty in Jamestown, RI. There are camp weeks for children
ages 4-16 at a variety of times. Camps are one week long. Children learn sailing basics
and are introduced to all aspects of the marine environment. No week of camp is the same, so
attending multiple weeks of camp is common. No sailing experience is
necessary to participate.
To learn more about Sea Adventure Camp, click here.

Children ages 4 & 5 are invited to participate in a land-based ecology class. Children will explore the Fort Getty marine environments - the rocky shore, the sandy beach, and the salt marsh. [ more ]

"This camp changed my perspective
about sailing and how we need
to protect the ocean. I now LOVE
sailing and want to do it
whenever I have
the opportunity."

Mason, 2017 camper